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First Timers

-How to apply it on your skin?

OIL is NOT needed but recommended for first time users and people with sensitive skin. 

-If you are a first time hard wax user you might need to apply pre-wax oil if you do not have that then any massage oil will do just fine.

-Always use oil under your hard wax, regardless of the brand. Unlike powder, oil creates a lipid barrier between the wax and skin that will make removal much easier and the whole experience more comfortable for you or your client.  

-When applying your oil you want just a light sheen on the skin, basically 3 tiny drops into the palms of your hands then rubbed onto the area you will wax. 

-If you use too much oil the wax will slide off and won't stick to anything. If this happens its ok just grab a towel and blot the excess oil off your skin then try again. You can add more oil as needed throughout the process if your skin becomes dry.

          ****HOW TO APPLY ON SKIN****

1. Apply the wax against the direction of hair growth and allow to dry. 

2. Stretch the skin taut, as close to the lifting edge of the wax as possible. 

3. Grip your wax firmly and remove with the opposite direction of hair growth. The wax can be removed in one swift motion or you can slowly remove in several tiny steps, re-bracing the skin at every step of the way.